Pre-Employment Physical Assessment

We understand our clients’ greatest asset are their employees. Healthy, happy staff have a positive impact on business and lead to strong workforce culture which leads to productive outcomes. Reduced productivity has significant impacts on business both financially and operationally.

Pre-employment physical assessments ensure you are hiring healthy and physically capable staff when it comes to carrying out their roles without risk. As part of your recruitment strategy, pre-employment physical assessments can improve safety performance by screening candidates prior to being employed to best determine their physical suitability for the role.

Pre-employment physical assessments are a common requirement for high risk, physically demanding industries such as:

  • building & construction
  • driving
  • civil
  • engineering
  • machine operators and this list goes on

Our pre-employment physical assessments will provide you with a “baseline” assessment. Our assessments will be conducted in conjunction with our business associate – Sharpe’s Physio and will include:

  • medical history questionnaire
  • physical fitness / functional capacity
  • musculoskeletal / spinal health
  • hearing (audiometry)
  • lung function (spirometry)
  • weight / height = BMI
  • instant drug and alcohol testing
  • blood pressure / pulse
  • vision testing including colour blindness
  • respiratory fit testing if required
hayden mobile testing physical therapy with the therapist

It is a statutory requirement under AS/NZS 1269.4:2005 for workers who use personal hearing protectors to undergo an audiometry assessment before they commence employment or within 3 months of commencement then every two years. Our assessments will provide a baseline hearing test to limit liability for future hearing loss claims, and allow us to quickly identify any damage being caused through exposure.

Musculoskeletal Assessment

A musculoskeletal assessment provides an evaluation of the condition and function of a worker’s musculoskeletal health, lifting capabilities and any injuries that may impact on their ability to safely perform the inherent requirements of their job.

For further information or to request Hayden to contact you please contact us and a Hayden representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible. 

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