SafeWork NSW Dust Strategy 2020-2022

The SafeWork NSW Dust Strategy 2020-2022 provides NSW workers and businesses with a coordinated approach to protect workers from illness, injury and death resulting from exposure to hazardous dusts. Three key focus areas in the strategy are asbestos, silica and wood. All hazardous dust control in all workplaces is critically important.

By doing the following, you can prevent harmful dust exposure:

  • always use a licensed asbestos professional for asbestos removal work
  • use simple controls such as water and dust capture tools when working with silica
  • always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including a correctly fitted respiratory face mask when working with asbestos, silica, wood and other dusts.

Find out more about the SafeWork NSW Dust Strategy 2020-2022 by visiting the SafeWork NSW website or by emailing