Hayden Mobile Testing Is Now Offering COVID-19 Testing

Audiometric Assessment
Hearing assessments are required for employees that work in noisy environments and must wear hearing protection on a regular basis.
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Drug & Alcohol Testing
Drugs and alcohol can affect your employee’s ability to perform in a safe manner and could affect their decision-making abilities putting themselves and others at risk.
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Pre-employment Physical Assessment
Pre-employment physicals are an effective way of screening potential employees to ensure they are fit for their potential new position.
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Spirometry Assessments
As part as health monitoring spirometry assessments are an effective way to monitor your employee’s respiratory health.
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Noise Assessments
Noise assessments are an effective way to determine the exposure to noise that may be harmful to your staff’s health and should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure adequate hearing protection is issued.
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What makes Hayden unique?

Our mobile service – we go anywhere, any time. We also understand that every company has different needs and requirements for testing. We provide a very time efficient and cost effective service with flexibility to meet the demands of the workplace. 

Our goal is to always keep disruptions in the workplace to a minimal. Our staff are trained to the highest standards and are fully compliant with Australian standards.  

Allows us to be a part of your WHS team. Use our expertise to empower your business by ensuring compliance with testing requirements and best practice.