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At HAYDEN, we pride ourselves in delivering friendly, professional services in: Workplace Testing, Staffing Solutions and International.

Workplace Drug Testing - Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle

Our testing methods can screen effectively for a broad range of different chemicals, including both legal and illegal substances.

Workplace Drug Testing in Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle Keeps Everyone Safer

Keeping your place of business clean can refer to more than just clutter and grime. It’s also critical that you make sure your employees are always fit to perform their functions without the interference of drugs and alcohol. Workplace drug misuse isn’t something that you hear discussed around the water cooler, but it happens. That makes it important for you to have the information you need to keep yourself, your employees, and your assets safe from the potential consequences of substance abuse.

The answer may very well be workplace drug testing. Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle are all home to many industrial enterprises where an impaired employee can pose serious risks to themselves and other workers, so drug testing in these areas is a sound investment in your human capital as well as your products and premises. For comprehensive and accurate workplace drug testing in Central Coast, Newcastle, and Sydney, it’s a good idea to contact Hayden Mobile Testing. Our combination of respect and effectiveness provides a superior service that also gets you the information you need on the spot.

Some employers harbour concerns that employees may criticise or resent workplace drug testing, but in most cases the opposite is true. Everybody wants to work in an environment where they feel safe and secure, which means that more people are likely to embrace drug testing than oppose it. When you schedule testing from Hayden, you’re sending the people in your company a message that you value them and want to keep them protected at their jobs.

What Workplace Drug Testing in Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney Identifies

Hayden’s testing methods can analyse oral fluid and urine samples on the spot, and any laboratories we send samples to for further testing are NATA accredited. What this means is that you can count on accurate results from us, and can often get them in short amounts of time. Our testing methods can screen effectively for a broad range of different chemicals, including both legal and illegal substances. Prescription drugs and caffeine overdoses are monitored along with the presence of more dangerous substances like cocaine, methamphetamines, and alcohol. In extreme cases, we even provide Chain of Custody services—based, of course, on the policies of each client. We conduct these using strict guidelines and rigorous security procedures so that we can treat everyone respectfully, and we keep disturbances to productivity to a minimum.

Physical and Mental Protection for Your People

Drugs and alcohol can do more than cause short term impairment in the people misusing them. They can also reduce the physical abilities of your workers and exhaust them mentally. This applies to more than just the people using substances, too—co-workers who cover for friends or acquaintances (often out of concern or goodwill) can suffer from overwork, resulting in focus issues, lateness, and poor performance. To protect all the people your business depends on, contact Hayden Mobile Testing today.