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Workplace Alcohol Tests - Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle

By conducting routine or random drug and alcohol testing at work, you can identify employees who need help fighting their addictions.

Do Your Due Diligence by Running Workplace Alcohol Tests in Sydney, Central Coast or Newcastle

When your employees drink on the job, they threaten your business in more ways than one. An employee with a drinking problem can make mistakes on the job that result in the injury or death of co-workers, customers, or innocent bystanders. If your business involves transportation or use of heavy equipment, alcohol consumption at the workplace can quickly become a major safety hazard. Running workplace alcohol tests in Sydney can help you minimise such safety hazards.

The Value of a Workplace Alcohol Screening Policy

It is your responsibility as an employer to prevent your workers from causing harm to others. While you can’t predict the future or be omnipresent, there are steps you can take to avoid dangerous behaviours like drinking on the job. Establishing a detailed background check process that looks for signs of alcohol and drug abuse in a person’s past is a good start. You can run these checks before you hire new workers, to make sure you are hiring people who you trust.

However, just looking for alcohol-related convictions on a person’s criminal record often won’t be enough. Especially if you are putting employees behind the wheels of semi-trucks or in control of heavy construction site machinery, it is important to take extra steps to spot signs of alcohol abuse. At Hayden Mobile Testing, we offer convenient workplace alcohol tests in Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast and throughout much of New South Wales. We can help you establish a random alcohol screening policy so that you can find out if any of your employees are drinking on the job.

Using tests like these on a regular basis is something that has value for several reasons. First off, by taking steps like these to spot signs of alcohol abuse in your company, you are promoting safety and doing your due diligence. Keeping drunk drivers off the road or away from heavy equipment in factories or warehouses helps prevent injuries to civilians and other workers. Even if you miss a red flag, you are still protected against legal liability because you took steps to establish a drug and alcohol-free workplace. (Hayden provides drug screening solutions as well.)

In addition to providing a legal safeguard and identifying potential safety risks, running workplace alcohol tests at your Central Coast or Newcastle business can help you identify employees who are struggling with addictions. Often, drug and alcohol addictions go unnoticed until they reach a ruinous point of severity. By conducting routine or random drug and alcohol testing at work, you can identify employees who need help fighting their addictions. Once you’ve made the discovery, you can help these workers seek assistance and rehabilitation, potentially saving their lives.

Call Hayden Mobile Screening for Workplace Alcohol Tests in Newcastle or Sydney

Whether you are trying to improve the safety of your workplace or establish a more effective ‘due diligence’ policy, Hayden Mobile Screening can help. To learn more about our workplace alcohol tests in Sydney, Central Coast or Newcastle, give us a call on 1300 429 336.