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At HAYDEN, we pride ourselves in delivering friendly, professional services in: Workplace Testing, Staffing Solutions and International.

Mobile Workplace Drug Testing - Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle

We set your mind at ease and establish safe working conditions for the people your company depends on for success.

Why You Should Use Mobile Workplace Drug Testing in Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle

Sobriety should be a requirement for just about every job imaginable, but it’s especially important in highly physical workplaces such as industrial sites. If there’s heavy machinery around, it’s imperative (and legally required) that your employees are always clear-headed and focused on their work. Sobriety really is a zero-tolerance issue. Beyond that, keeping your workers sober can help your company save a lot of money. While estimates vary, the costs of injuries, absenteeism, lost production, workers’ compensation, rehabilitation, and damaged property arising from drug and alcohol misuse can be significant. That’s why mobile workplace drug testing in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and other areas is so important.

Testing your employees for drugs and alcohol abuse is in their best interests, and most employees understand this fact. Nobody wants to hurt themselves on the job be at risk from a co-worker who is under the influence of mind-altering substances, so drug testing often has the effect of raising workplace morale rather than lowering it. You aren’t policing your employees when you screen them for drugs—you’re investing in their health. Everybody benefits from a healthy and responsible workplace.

Hayden Mobile Testing provides mobile workplace drug testing in Central Coast, Newcastle, and Sydney, as well as several other locations throughout NSW. Over the last three years, we’ve refined our technology and practices to provide some of the fastest and most accurate testing available in the region, and our drug tests use laboratories that are fully accredited by NATA, making us one of the most dependable ways to provide testing for your employees. It’s easy to set up testing, see the results, and take appropriate action when you choose Hayden.

What Does Mobile Workplace Drug Testing in Sydney, Newcastle, and

Central Coast Cover?

Hayden’s drug screenings check for a variety of different substances, including common and uncommon depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens. We even test for several legal substances—just because it’s possible to buy something legally doesn’t necessarily mean you should be using it at work, after all, and it’s even possible to use prescription drugs irresponsibly. If you’re worried about your workplace safety being compromised by alcohol, opiate analgesics like morphine, sedative hypnotics such as tranquillizers and Valium, or stimulants including cocaine, amphetamines, and even excessive caffeine, then Hayden’s procedures and technology can give you the answers you need.

Fully Equipped Mobile Service

Our mobile service vehicle is fully equipped to test both oral fluid and urine, making us an excellent way to have many drug tests performed on site. We’re also capable of providing Chain of Custody services for any positive samples, based on the policies of each client—we use exacting security protocols for this. When you’re looking for a tester you can count on, call Hayden Mobile Testing. We set your mind at ease and establish safe working conditions for the people your company depends on for success. Call us today to see how we can help your business become an alcohol and drug-free zone.