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At HAYDEN, we pride ourselves in delivering friendly, professional services in: Workplace Testing, Staffing Solutions and International.

Audiometric Testing - Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle

Our fully-equipped mobile service vehicle also allows us to take our testing service to many locations in NSW.

Find Audiometric Testing in Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle

Your workplace should be a place of efficiency and progress, which means that it should always be safe for the people working in it. There are many important considerations to consider when workplace safety is concerned, but one of the most important has to do with sound. Cuts and scrapes, while certainly not desirable, can often heal over time. Serious hearing damage, on the other hand, is often permanent—which is why providing audiometric testing is necessary for industrial businesses and any other employer whose staff commonly work in loud environments. Audiometric testing in Sydney, Newcastle or Central Coast is more than just a fair consideration—law also requires it in many instances. To keep your business on the safe side of the regulatory agencies, you’ll want to have it done regularly, and by a company you can trust.

Effective audiometric testing in Newcastle, Central Coast or Sydney requires up to date equipment and skilled personnel. When you’re trying to find a company to fulfil that criteria, consider Hayden Mobile Testing. For the last three years, we’ve made it our mission to provide high quality audiometric testing in these areas and other locations throughout NSW. By using a winning combination of effective technology and good old-fashioned people skills, we create reliable and convenient testing circumstances that put our subjects at ease and help us achieve the most accurate results possible.

High-Tech Audiometric Testing in Central Coast, Newcastle, and Sydney

Hayden isn’t content with merely meeting existing standards for our tests—we set out to push the envelope. That’s why we’re working to develop even faster and more accurate solutions for our valued clients. One of our latest initiatives involves the use of cloud-based technology to provide testing results in real time so that you can view the information you need right away. This technology will make Hayden, a company already known for expediency, into the fastest company of its kind in the region by a large margin. Our fully-equipped mobile service vehicle also allows us to take our testing service to many locations in NSW and lets us reach a broad base of clients across the state.

When Should You Schedule Audiometric Testing?

Section 58 of the 2011 Work Health and Safety Regulations stipulates that the employer must provide audiometric testing to any employee required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to mitigate the effects of noise that exceeds the exposure standard. This testing must be carried out every two years, with the first test taking place after the employee starts their position and before three months have elapsed. These tests ensure that any effects on your workers’ hearing due to workplace conditions can be recorded and charted to identify trends. Call Hayden to set up your tests today, and help keep your workplace a safe and responsible environment. Your employees will feel more secure and able to focus on their work knowing that you have their best interests at heart.