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At HAYDEN, we pride ourselves in delivering friendly, professional services in: Workplace Testing, Staffing Solutions and International.


Read about the services and areas covered by Hayden. Our mobile testing service will make your testing requirements easy.


The Importance of a Regular Audiometric Screening for Employees of Central Coast Businesses in Sydney or Newcastle

Safety in the workplace is often the first consideration on everyone's mind — from management all the way down to the workers on the floor or at the job site. We all work together to establish rigorous procedures to avoid accidents and injuries more.

Find Audiometric Testing in Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle

Your workplace should be a place of efficiency and progress, which means that it should always be safe for the people working in it. There are many important considerations to consider when workplace safety is concerned, but one of the most more.

Establish and Enforce a Drug-Free Workplace Policy, with Corporate Drug Testing in Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle

Drug use has no place in the workplace. When employees use drugs before or during work, it impacts their performance, their productivity, their demeanour, and their vigilance in being safe and smart. These changes can affect not only the employee more.

A Test to Keep Your Staff Safe: Industrial Hearing Tests in Central Coast

You care about your employees, so you want to make sure exposure to any on-the-job hazards doesn’t impact their health. Employer responsibility is about more than just compassion, though—it’s also an important part of protecting you from potential more.

Industrial Hearing Tests in Newcastle Lets You Test Your Workers and Workplace

Newcastle is home to many important industrial businesses, and if you are responsible for one, then you’ll want to keep your employees safe at all times. Complying with workplace safety regulations does more than just keep you covered more.

Keep Your Company Compliant with Relevant Australian Standards, with Industrial Hearing Tests in Sydney

Sometimes, it is impossible to avoid a noisy workplace. Factories, warehouses, and construction sites are just a few examples of work environments that exceed Australia’s exposure standard for noise. However, while the noise itself is more.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance Through Convenient Mobile Hearing Testing Around the Central Coast, including Sydney & Newcastle

Every business must contend with some degree of regulation; compliance procedures are a critical component to success in any sector. Nowhere is that truer than in heavy industries including manufacturing, mining, and more. Regulations govern everything more.

Save Time and Money with Mobile Industrial Hearing Testing in Sydney, Central Coast, or Newcastle

If your company’s work environment produces a high and consistent level of noise, then you need to be vigilant about conducting regular audiometric test sessions for your employees. Not only are these tests required based on Australian standards more.

Why You Should Use Mobile Workplace Drug Testing in Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle

Sobriety should be a requirement for just about every job imaginable, but it’s especially important in highly physical workplaces such as industrial sites. If there’s heavy machinery around, it’s imperative (and legally required) that your more.

Hayden Mobile Testing: Delivering an Efficient Onsite Audiometric Test to Businesses in Newcastle, Sydney, and Elsewhere in the Central Coast

The welfare of a company's employees is a primary concern for any business owner. Consider that a happy and healthy staff equals a more productive workday. In job roles that involve heavy machinery or noisy equipment, safeguarding an employee's hearing more.

Do Your Due Diligence by Running Workplace Alcohol Tests in Sydney, Central Coast or Newcastle

When your employees drink on the job, they threaten your business in more ways than one. An employee with a drinking problem can make mistakes on the job that result in the injury or death of co-workers, customers, or innocent bystanders. If your more.

Workplace Drug Testing in Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle Keeps Everyone Safer

Keeping your place of business clean can refer to more than just clutter and grime. It’s also critical that you make sure your employees are always fit to perform their functions without the interference of drugs and alcohol. Workplace drug misuse more.

Complete a Regular Workplace Noise Assessment with Ease in Sydney, Newcastle, and Around the Central Coast

In warehouses, factories, and on many other kinds of work sites, noise is simply a fact of life. The hum of machinery, the clatter and clang of equipment, and the general sound of industry all signifies a huge expenditure of human energy. That more.